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Positionism of Mine!

1st : Parents & 2 brothers
2nd : Company
3rd : GirlFriend/Wife
4th : Child
5th : Friends
6th : Myself

钱不是万能, 没钱是万万不能.

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Survey Monkey

This is a web where you can do your survey by creating your own. It's good for whoever want to do any survey.

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Catalog Design

Keongco is one of the International Business Company specializing in agriculture items.

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Testing the effect for my Website Design_2

Monday, June 1, 2009

Project Definition

About this project “Redesign Commercial Website”. Why do we need to redesign commercial websites?
For my own understanding, firstly, you must know what is a “Commercial Website”? A commercial website is a medium for people to promote their products, sell their product and branding. Therefore, a commercial website is very important for now because more than half of human beings are using internet to connect with the world.
Now we can refer back the 1st question, why do we need to redesign commercial websites?
If your client’s competitor created a nice commercial website, they will snatch away your client’s customers. Human being is like that, they will go for a better and comfortable side. If you don’t want to lose any of your customers, make sure you research your competitors websites and try your best to redesign your commercial website that looks beautiful and fabulous than others.

Project 1: Redesign Commercial Website.
Client: Asian Heritage Row
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Asian Heritage Row is my client, I went to this place to get some photo shooting but they don’t have any brochure or leaflet. Asian Heritage Row is a street with a lot of clubbing place, pubs and restaurants. I did research on many people around, and I got the same answer. For them Asian Heritage Row is a place where peoples go for clubbing for their night life. So I have decided to focus on clubbing for my Redesign Commercial Website because mostly when people surf Asian Heritage Row website, they wanted to feel like a clubbing website design.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals

- Providing more information to keep customers visiting your websites, and not losing them.
- Providing more information of The History of Asian Heritage Row. To let customers know more about the place which they always go there for clubbing.
- Providing Maps to Asian Heritage Row in a few pages. Just to lead them easily to Asian Heritage Row.
- Providing Asian Heritage Row Gallery to gain more customers by looking at the fabulous gallery photos that they have.
- This website does not need to be too complicated, simple and nice to be user friendly enough.

Short and Long-term Site Goals

Keep customers to continue supporting Asian Heritage Row. Don’t stop maintaining websites and provide more promotions for your customers.

Providing more information to keep customers visiting your websites, and not losing them.
Show more things about clubbing.

Target Audience

Teenagers age around 18 to 25 who like to drink and dance. Also for those who like to hang around with friends in somewhere rock and roll.

What kind of activity are they doing in this site?
They can find out more events and more promotion. Also can look at the gallery to find out which clubs are suitable for themselves.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Assignment

1. Blog-Refine Site Map

2. Interface design of 1st page & 2nd page

3. Sketch 3rd & 4th page

4. Revision on CSS & HTML (Test on lesson 4)

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My Client's Website

- This is the website of Asian Heritage Row, which is my client.
- For me, i felt that this website lack of own uniqueness.
- The texture is nice actually, but too flat. cannot see the depth.
- The navigation part.. It's clear enough to lead people to other pages. just that the design is too normal. not special, and dun have sound button.
- I think if add in clubbing music to this index page will be better.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Assignment


-Add on analysis to blog


-Gather branding materials

-Blog workbook Part 1-Project Concept Proposal

-Create Site Map in illustrator

-Sketch 1st page & 2nd page

Monday, May 18, 2009

-4 URL and screenshots with analysis of beautiful commercial web

Beautiful Commercial Web 1 - CoffeeCompany

-This is still not a uploaded website.

-I take it because the design is interesting.

-The color mood is nice for a coffee website.

- The navigation also very clear, and the texture that they use is suitable.

-The typeface they choose also nice, it looks very clean.
Beautiful Commercial Web 2 - Ts2 Online Game

-This is 1 of the game that i am playing these lately.

-I am interested to this website because of the character design very cute and the interesting compositionon top that how they focus on the characters.

-I believe from this single image you can already see the clear navigation. They even provided both languages Mandarin and English.

-The color is warm.

-I can say mostly for games, their target audience are around 12~25age. Because this age of people mostly are gamers and many people like something cute just like me.
Beautiful Commercial Web 3 - Pepsi

-This is one of the coolest commercial website that i have seen.

-Look at the composition that how they design. It's very balancing and the art style is more to high technology kind of stuffs.

-The navigation for this Pepsi website is also very clear. try to look at the way when ppl scroll the mouse to the buttons on top, they makes the middle background darker to brings out the depth between button and the items that will show at the middle part.

-The color is also consistent to the product itself. Blue is nice, a feeling of refreshing just like water.
Beautiful Commercial Web 4 - Nike

-This nike website have a very nice interactive design and the cool function.What i mean a cool function is like the way the lead users to change pictures. to go to other page.

-Even though the website overall is very dark, but we still can see that it's not flat. Maybe because of the form like a stage.

-The navigation quite clear but just lack of some other pages example : Home, gallery, about us, contact us, etc etc..

-4 URL and screenshots with analysis of competitor's website

Competitor 1 - Euphoria

-Euphoria, a very creative commercial web design.

-The effect is very cool and nice, and the typography they play with is very interesting.

-Just that for the enter page, when it click into the home page, it doesn't look consistent anymore. It's like a different site, but it's pretty nice. The music also makes me don't feel like closing the site.

-The navigation is clearly stated there. considered a beautiful commercial website too.